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Founded in 2007, NW Real Estate Photography is dedicated to providing a low cost, high-quality HDR photographic experience, videography and other real estate media for both real estate agents and homeowners alike.


Having been a real estate himself for the past 27 years, the company founder, Jim Arcari, knows the cost involved in marketing properties. His unique HDR photography process allows him to keep costs low, while still providing you with the excellent services you need to highlight your properties. 


Over years of working as a real estate agent and taking his own shots, Jim Arcari found that the HDR process to photograph home interiors and exteriors creates beautiful images. Images that brought clients and sold homes. He was receiving calls from fellow agents in his office so frequently asking him to take shots of their homes that he decided to make a business of it with

NW Real Estate Photography.


Jim's since retired but not without first passing down his knowledge and passion for photography to his son, Zac Arcari, who has since elevated the business by introducing a diverse offering of other digital media, including aerial drone photography, 3D Matterport tours and real estate video services.


High dynamic range (HDR) imaging is a process used in photography to highlight both the lightest and darkest areas within a single digital image. Certain high-quality cameras allow for a photographer to take several shots of the same image at different exposure levels. Then, using image editing software, the photographer layers these several shots onto one another while still emphasizing specific details from each of the several images. The end result is an eye-catching and memorable HDR image.





Southern King County



Tel: 253-394-6932

Dale Osborne



Northern King County



Tel: 206-850-0544


Q: How long do I have to wait before I get my photos?

A: You will receive your photos back the same evening of your scheduled photoshoot.

Q: How far will you drive to take pictures?

We cover most of King County and North Pierce. Any location outside of these areas may incur a trip charge. Contact any of our photographers for further details.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, you can pay for your photo packages through PayPal. You will receive a receipt via email with a payment link included.

Q: It rains so much out does that effect the photos?

A: Not at all. In fact, the rain often colors in the images to appear more vivid. We all live here for a reason, and if the rain did bother us, we would all be living in Arizona. However, in the presence of dangerous weather conditions (like snows or high winds), shoots should be avoided.

Q: Do you offer any sort of virtual tours?

A: Yes, all photoshoots are hosted on our website as their own unique photo gallery on that is accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

Q: Do you offer drone photography?

A: Yes! Our photographers are licensed through the FAA to offer you the best aerial drone photos to give

your listing a unique perspective.

Q: What sort of equipment do you use?

A: All of our photographers use high end Canon cameras in the D5 series (either the Mark IV or the SR) along with a variety of professional grade L lenses. In addition, we also come equipped with high end DJI drones to offer

outstanding aerial views of your listings.


With years of experience working as a real estate agent and a real estate photographer, our founder has gathered some tips to best help you understand how to best prepare your home before the photoshoot.

  • Exteriors are extremely important. Be sure to pick up debris, clean the patio, store as much as can be stored. The front of the home is key, make it shine!

  • All lights should be on (even the exterior lights)! Replace all bulbs that are out and try to use the same type of bulb so the color consistent throughout the home.

  • Pull up the blinds in every room.

  • Countertops should be as clear as possible in both kitchens and baths.

  • Kitchen refrigerator should be cleaned off (remove magnets and pictures) and clear off the top of the refrigerator as well.

  • How furniture is placed in a room can make it feel larger or smaller. In bedrooms try and keep furniture away from the doors (as that is where most shots are taken).

  • When placing furniture, do your best to create a wide opening into the room to show its size at an angle while allowing us to shoot towards the windows if possible. I realize this will not be possible in all instances.

  • Kids rooms do not have to be perfect, just neat. Do try get names off walls as well as family pictures.

  • No cars in the driveway!

  • Put all electronic remotes away and turn off the TV(s), unless you want to put it on one of the screensaver shots offered by Comcast.

  • Flowers can add a nice touch of color to any room!

  • On sunny days the position of the sun should always be taken into consideration. We never want the sun to be behind and above the house (unless there are trees that provide shade to block the sun) as this will creates back-lit shots, which we want to avoid at all costs.

  • If you will be painting and have white trim, try and use soft pastels (light blues, pinks, yellows, tans, or greens) on the walls makes the trim pop and when you do white walls and white trim you take away decent contrast. Lighter colors still make the rooms feel larger!


These are just basic guidelines that will help better present your home to the market.

If you have any questions on setting up your home for a photo shoot, please feel free to contact any of our photographers.

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